Adrian Barker (Bark and Jack) on YouTube crackdowns, Vacheron Constantin and why he can't get behind Hublot


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Adrian Barker (from Bark & Jack) is back! We get the inside story on all the YouTube drama, from increasing collaboration to the poorly planned implosion of the Timepiece Gentlemen, and the negative effect it had on the broader watch community. We also get Adrian’s take on just why so many watch YouTubers are having videos removed. Is it the algorithm or something more sinister? Moving onto watches, we find out what Adrian thought of the two-tone Explorer and the new Vacheron Constantin ‘Everest’ editions.

Felix also called Adrian out for trash-talking Hublot. So if you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight between Felix and Adrian, listen in (hint, the answer is Andy).

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Shownotes -

  1. Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope
  2. Casio G-Shock GM2100B-4A
  3. Nomos Autobahn
  4. Hodinkee’s Goodwood coverage
  5. Capitol Sunset on Instagram
  6. The intersection of watches and Porsches on Marqued
  7. How the Reverso flipped my position on new watches
  8. Bark & Jack on Youtube
  9. Bark & Jack on Instagram
  10. Watch Gringa on Youtube
  11. Bark & Jack on the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Everest
  12. Bark & Jack on why everyone (except Felix) hates Hublot



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