Gabe Reilly (Collective Horology) on evolving taste in watches and his love letter to IWC


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Today on the pod, we chat with Collective Horology co-founder Gabe Reilly. And we’re speaking to Gabe for a very good reason because Collective has just teamed up with IWC to release the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph C.03, Which Reilly describes as a love letter to IWC. To be fair, he also describes it as that watch you would get if you time-travelled back to IWC in the mid-90s, kidnapped the design team and brought them back to 2021. Thankfully for all involved, no time-shenanigans were involved in this watch. IWC still has a decidedly no-nonsense aesthetic, and Mr Klaus and Mr Habring haven’t been pruned from the timeline.

We also find out how Cartier and James Bond got Reilly into watches, and explore how community has changed over time – as well as what stayed the same. Finally, Felix and Andy have some profound realisations about the nature of their working relationship. As you do.

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