Episode 61: Rose Tico for President


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In the sixty-first episode of Otaku Brothers, Ryan and Rusty discuss their crazy Halloween experience. It was mostly spent talking about how awesome Bloodborne is with random dudes. Later, Ryan continues to share about his quest to be the best hunter of monster’s in Monster Hunter: Iceborne. He also throws shade at people who read books, while Rusty buys more crap on eBay he probably won’t play. The guys close out the episode breaking down the final Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer, create wild theories, and pitch the reality where Rose Tico is the face of our country. Enjoy the episode! Rusty was a guest on the Tarquon podcast. You all should definitely check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9QKNTt4U9Gr951QJ2UxAQ Want to get in on the discussion of the podcast, easily ask questions? Join our Discord! It’s free to download the app AND easy to use. Find it here: https://discord.gg/E4hv4de If you have any questions or feedback for the show, please write in to OtakuBrothersPodcast@gmail.com! The guys will read your questions and feedback in the next episode!

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