Episode 81: All Presidents are Lizard People


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In the eighty-first episode of Otaku Brothers, Ryan opens the show sharing his return journey to collecting shiny Pokémon. Rusty wins the Super Bowl in Madden and explains why Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a nonsensical, yet fun, mess of a game. The Gents also predict what will be shown off during next week’s PS5 Press Conference. Finally, the guys go into a rabbit hole discussion about conspiracy theories. It is more absurd than you could ever imagine. All hail Blucifer. Enjoy the episode!

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 6:33 – Real Life Updates

6:44 – 12:09 – Ryan Returns to Collecting Shiny Pokémon

12:10 – 16:45 – Discussing the hate for Last of Us 2

16:46 – 27:46 – The Games We Have Been Playing Recently

27:47 – 55:34 – Our PS5 Conference Predictions

55:35 – 1:58:55 – Discussing Conspiracy Theories

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