OFM S3 E10: Pop Culture's Impact on Dysphoria and Dysmorphia


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Pop culture surrounds us 24/7 and it sculpts not only our personalities but our self-image and self-worth. In this episode, we continue a conversation we started earlier this season about dysmorphia and dysphoria while discussing the importance of visibility but ask if it is valid to struggle with how transgender stars continue to forward cis-heteronormative beauty standards.

We ask the questions:

  1. Is it okay to be triggered by some visibility?
  2. Can you still be supportive of the community and of visibility if you can't watch it?
  3. What are the impacts of beauty standards on our mental health?
  4. How do dysmorphia and dysphoria intersect and differ?

As a reminder everyone, once again, we are not in anyway experts or doctors. What you’ve heard today are our own personal life experiences that we hope will help end the stigma surrounding mental health. If you ever have thoughts of worthlessness or feel suicidal please seek out professional help. You can find links to options on our About Us page at OurFracutredMinds.com.

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