OFM S3 E9: Mental Health Interventions


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Interventions are commonly recognized as a way to help someone struggling with chemical dependance, however, are they ever appropriate to help a friend who may be in crisis? Is there ever a time when it is okay to bring others into the conversation? Is there a right way to have the conversation? What are some things you should think about if you're considering staging one?

In this episode we discuss interventions and a few experiences we've had from being a part of mental health interventions that didn't go well. We're curious to hear your takes on this topic. Is there ever a time when this is acceptable? You can always let us know on twitter via @Renoe or email via FracturedMindsPodcast@Gmail.com.

Remember, especially with this episode, we are not experts or doctors. What you’ll hear today are our own personal life experiences that we hope will help end the stigma surrounding mental health. If you ever have thoughts of worthlessness or feel suicidal please seek out professional help. You can find links to options on our About Us page at OurFracutredMinds.com.

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