13 - A Light Among the White Mountains, Part 2


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Inside the heart of every experiencer is the deep seated feeling that something is off. That something is missing, and that what is missing is often terrifying. For Betty and Barney Hill, there were miles they put behind them missing. Though Betty had vague memories of what came after a set of beeps they heard, what she did remember terrified her. It was a roadblock manned by strange men and a mysterious orb on the ground.

The Hill’s were determined to get to the bottom of what they experienced that night, and turned to Dr. Benjamin Simon, a renowned hypnotherapist to discover the root of their fears and anxieties. Over the course of a couple months and over 11 hours worth of taped sessions, an abduction narrative presented itself. Strange alien beings escorted the Hills onto the craft and subjected them to a medical examination before returning them to their car.

On this episode we explore the memories Dr. Simon was able to uncover, his diagnosis of just what happened to the Hills, the media explosion that a series of newspaper articles unleashed, and how Betty and Barney were all affected by it.

Note: the gentleman explaining the star map in the short clip included in this episode is Walter Webb, the original NICAP investigator of this case.

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