Bucket List - Travel You Define, Travel That Defines You


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Here we are already so soon - the last episode of Out Travel the System for Season Two!
Through all of the changing conditions, it's been a major goal to inform and inspire. With this episode about Bucket List Travel, we're hoping to do not only that, but also get you thinking about how to take concrete steps to make a bucket list trip a reality - when the time is right.
Host Nisreene Atassi is joined by Sarah Austin Jenness, executive producer of The Moth storytelling collective, and Cory Lee, who blogs at Curb Free With Cory Lee. Listen in as they take you through some of their most hilarious and thought-provoking stories - and tell you where they're hoping to go to next.
This feels like the perfect time to dream about bucket list travel, so please listen and dream along with us!

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