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Ooh la la, it's time for the last deep dive into an international destination this season - get ready for it, Out Travel the System is heading to France!
In this episode, host Nisreene Atassi draws on the expertise of Jackie Kai Ellis, an author, designer, and classically-trained pastry chef with a home base in Paris, and Antoine Walter, a Director, Market Management in France for Expedia, to suss out everything you need to plan out a jaunt to live la belle vie.
Listen in as they list off all of the many places you can dream about visiting, from world-class museums, houses of high fashion, and the prehistoric art of the Lascaux cave. Take in the sights that inspired Monet, Brancusi, and Rodin, and make sure to make time to stop at a cafe for a restorative coffee and pastry every so often.
They share their inside tips on how to access the best of French history and culture, outdoor adventure, and family-friendly fun. From how to get around to what days to avoid visiting museums, it's all right here in this episode.
Here are just a few handy links to inspire your planning inspiration in France:
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