The Truth About Traveling with Kids Under 5


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Parents with young kids, we get it, we really do - the world of travel with your little one may seem like it is full of so many potential pitfalls. Let us give you the tips you need to succeed when you listen to this episode of Out Travel the System. We're especially here for you, first time parents who may have never traveled with their kiddo before!
Host Nisreene Atassi digs into the highs and lows of traveling with kids under the age of 5 with Monet Hambrick, who blogs about her family adventures at The Traveling Child, and Christie Hudson, Sr. PR Manager for Expedia.
They share some of their favorite travel hacks when it comes to having kiddo in tow, including what gear to bring and what to leave at home, and how to pick the right accommodations for you (hotel vs vacation rental is always a hot debate.) Check out Christie's pick from her most recent trip.
Learn about some of the amazing experiences Monet has been able to share with her children - start with the spitting elephant, and stick around for the sense of homecoming they felt thousands of miles away from home.
You may just find travel with kids under 5 represents a wealth of opportunities you never considered before!
Here are links to gear traveling parents may find helpful:
Car Seat - the Cosco Scenera
Ultra-portable booster seat - the Mifold
A car seat alternative on flights - the CARES harness
Lightweight stroller alternative - the Snap N Go
A sleep aid - the Slumberpod

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