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Primal Drive with Marco Greenberg Gone are the days of following a typical “civilized” career path in a conventional office environment. It is more critical than ever to reconsider how people define and achieve success, which organizational structures and “best practices” actually empower employees and which de-motivate, how to build a successful team that balances the personalities and strengths of each member without devolving into “group think,” and how to tap into your own primal instincts to build a meaningful, successful career despite the obstacles in your way. Marco Greenberg is the author of PRIMITIVE: Tapping the Primal Drive That Powers the World’s Most Successful People and president of Thunder11, a strategic communications firm based in New York City where he’s an advisor and confidante to CEOs and other c-level executives. He’s served as an adjunct professor teaching marketing at NYU, and entrepreneurship and PR at Fordham University. Greenberg contributes to a variety of publications including Business Insider, Entrepreneur, New York Daily News, Tablet Magazine, and others. ========================== LINK: PRIMITIVE: Tapping the Primal Drive That Powers the World’s Most Successful People “Marco Greenberg’s Primitive captures insights and advice that everyone can use to thrive in the constantly evolving workplace.” –Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive and To Sell Is Human As a close advisor to visionary startup founders and established CEOs, Marco Greenberg discovered something about the most successful people he knew: They had remarkable instincts, and they trusted them. They had an intuitive grasp of when to ignore convention. No matter how sophisticated, they could access something else–something primitive. It’s a loaded term. But as Greenberg dug deeper, he saw a mindset that helped certain people to overcome challenges that stopped others cold. From a former roadie for the rap group N.W.A to a rock-star brain surgeon, from young tech billionaires to a top-ten college football coach, Greenberg demonstrates how a range of successful people–those he calls “primitives”–ignore what they “should” do and instead tap a primal drive to power ahead. At a moment when old institutions are being swept away, we can’t afford to play by the same civilized rule book. Primitive helps us understand how some of our deepest, inborn traits are essential to navigating this world of dizzying change.

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