Ep 396: Laura Belmar Interview - Mason Bottle


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"If you don't have the mindset that you can do it, then you're never going to do it." - Laura Belmar Laura Belmar - Founder of Mason Bottle Laura Belmar is an educator and entrepreneur. She started her career in Teach for America, where leading her students to achieve growth in the classroom allowed her to develop the mindsets needed to grow a business. When she started Mason Bottle with her husband Sebastian, they set the goal to make Mason Bottle the type of company that could #1: make sustainable products affordable to all, and #2: support local communities. After just one year and two product launches, Mason Bottle has achieved both objectives: one third of customers make under $50,000 a year, and 100% of our products are Made in the USA. Mason Bottle is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. To support female-owned and US-made, you can back them here.

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