Ep 402: Darrell Stern | Being a Playwright for the Digital Age


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"Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations" - Darrell Stern Darrell Stern is a playwright for the digital age. "Marketing IS theater" he proclaims in his very Stern voice. Mr. Stern's career stretches back to the 1980s as the voice of Scooter Computer on ABC's SchoolHouse Rock. Today, his Stern Inbound Marketing Agency brings ROI to all of his clients across the board. AND his Stern Storming methodology has to be experienced to be believed. Imagine tapping into your own knowledge and experience and then knowing exactly what media to create to dominate Google SEO and all the social media platforms. A true master of Inbound, Content, and social media marketing, Stern now runs his own Marketing Academy and teaches entrepreneurs worldwide how to grow their influence.

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