A tale of two video games


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It’s a video game extravaganza on Outlook… Lual Mayen was born in what’s now South Sudan but his family had to flee from conflict in 1993. They made it to Uganda and set up home in a refugee camp. It was here that Lual discovered computers…and computer games. He creating one called ‘Salaam’ that focused on peace and empathy rather than violence, something his family had experienced in real life. It started attracting attention worldwide and last year it won the Global Gaming Citizen award. Steven Spielberg's ET: The Extra Terrestrial is recognised by critics and film fans as one of the greatest movies of all time but the video game based on the film has been called the worst video game of all time. So bad, that in the early 1980s it was blamed for causing the collapse of a billion dollar company. Howard Scott Warshaw was the man behind the failure... Presenter: Jo Fidgen Picture: Lual Mayen Credit: Courtesy of Lual Mayen

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