Life as a lone identical twin


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Identical twins David and John Loftus had an idyllic and happy childhood. They were so alike that as toddlers you could hardly tell them apart. They were very close growing up together. But after a cricket injury and subsequent brain scan, they discovered that John had a brain tumour. David struggled but he remained strong for his brother. John did beat the tumour, but contracted meningitis soon afterwards. During his treatment, a medical error left John in a coma. He died a few days later. After his death, David had to rebuild his life alone. He changed his career and eventually had a family of his own. He tells Emily Webb how he coped with John's death and how a book about his experience, Diary of a Lone Twin, is his love-letter to his brother. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Katy Takatsuki Picture: Identical twins David and John Loftus Credit: Courtesy of David Loftus

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