Setting up a fake mafia to catch El Chapo


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Infiltrating mobs, taking down contract killers and busting drug rings; this was the job of Special Agent Mike McGowan during his 30 year career in the FBI. He was already the expert in undercover operations at the bureau when he was handed the "superbowl" of cases - to bring down the Mexican drug lord El Chapo. In a sting that lasted four years, Mike and his team of agents convinced the notorious Sinaloa cartel that they too were an established crime organisation. He tells Outlook's Saskia Edwards about using dog psychology and a purple velour bathrobe to fool some of the world's most dangerous criminals. His book is called Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent Get in touch: Presenter: Saskia Edwards Producers: Saskia Edwards and Mariana Des Forges Picture: SA Mike McGowan on the job Credit: Courtesy of Mike McGowan

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