The cookbook that became a lifeline


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From a young age, Julie Powell had been enthralled by a book in her mother’s pantry: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was co-authored by one of America’s culinary titans - the eccentric but pioneering TV chef, Julia Child. Years later when Julie was working as a secretary and suffering from depression, she returned to Julia Child’s book, but this time she decided she was going to master its recipes - all 524 of them, and she would do it in a single year. Her fridge soon became packed with endless leftovers, as she methodically worked her way through Child's great canon. It was a project that puzzled some, including her mother, but before long she and her project had legions of passionate followers. Would Julia Child herself be one of them? Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Maryam Maruf Picture Credit: Alamy, Granger Historical Picture Archive.

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