The Treasure Hunters


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A golden ring which once belonged to Irish playwright Oscar Wilde has been recovered by Arthur Bland, a Dutch 'art detective,' nearly 20 years after it was stolen. To mark the occasion, Outlook is re-running our 2017 interview with Arthur. He told Outlook's Jo Fidgen about earning the trust of the police and the criminals, and going undercover to get back some of Hitler's favourite sculptures. Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Emily Webb Chris Turner is another lost treasure seeker. Chris is a Canadian metal detectorist who started an organisation aimed at helping people recover lost items. He has a team that stretches from Peru to Malaysia and he says that they've found more that 5,200 lost items between them. Lauren Boothby went to meet him in Vancouver. This interview originally aired in May 2019. Producer: Saskia Edwards Reporter: Lauren Boothby. This piece had production assistance from David Swanson. Picture: The gold ring said to have belonged to Oscar Wilde. It has been recovered by a Dutch "art detective" nearly 20 years after it was stolen. Credit: JOHN THYS/AFP via Getty Images

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