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Dale Dupree is a sales speaker, trainer, podcast host and Founder of The Sales Rebellion, a company that aims to coach and educate people on sales topics. Throughout his career, Dale has worked in numerous sales positions such as Sales Manager at Zeno Office Solutions and Vice President of Sales at North American Office Solutions.

In this episode, Dale emphasizes the importance of creating a tailored sales playbook for your business to be one step further to closing that next sales deal.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Creating buyer personas
  • Generating customized sales playbooks that guarantee success
  • Utilizing mindscripts to avoid a bland sales script
  • Understanding your buyer and their needs

About the Guest:

With over 15 years of sales experience, Dale founded The Sales Rebellion in 2019. He is a man who truly believes in practicing what you preach and is passionate about helping others attain their sales success. As such, his company focuses on coaching and encouraging salespeople on ways they can take their sales game to the next level. As the host of the Selling Local Podcast, he maintains this passion by discussing sales stories, ideas and strategies to help the average salesperson rise to the top of their industry.


Website: - Check out his podcasts for free

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