3 Strikes, You're Out: The Ted Williams Episode with Ron Krasnow


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We're giving our listeners a chance to re-listen to one of our favorite 3 Strikes You're Out podcast episodes this week.

It's episode number 9, paying tribute to Number 9: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived, The Splendid Splinter, The Kid, and Ken's favorite baseball legend of all time...Ted Williams.

Ken Schultz is joined by comedy pal and leading citizen of Red Sox Nation Ron Krasnow to sing the praises of ol' Teddy Ballgame. We talk about great moments in Ted's career from his .406 in 1941 magnum opus to his triumphant return from The Korean War for over an hour...and it still feels like we barely scratched the surface. Even almost two decades after his death, Ted Williams remains transcendent.

NOTE: This episode quotes Ted Williams frequently and Ron grew up in Boston. Which is to say: the "Explicit" label is on there for a reason, people.

Twitter: @kenschultz_ @BrooklynRon

Insta: @kenthinguy @ronkrasnow

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