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Cyd Zeigler, one of our co-founders, wrote an article about my guest in December. It was the first I heard of Jason Ellis. Since then I have taken in as much as possible. Listen to his show on Sirius XM, listened to his former podcast "High and Dry", read his first book "I'm Awesome" and his most recent "Still Awesome". Like we talk about the first few moments I even google imaged him and found photos of George Takei from Star Trek touching his penis.

We talk about ALL of it in this one hour interview, including drug use, prostitution, sex with women and men and what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ community. While his evolution from straight guy to bi guy has been a long one, it has been a journey where he has had to learn. We talk about his old non-pc talk about trans men and women along the way.

This episode is a fun one, if drug use, molestation discussion is a problem for you I recommend you skip this episode. However, if sex, drugs and rock and roll are your thing then you are going to want to listen. As my favorite podcast says, "My Dad Wrote A Porno", this episode has "all the good parts". Enjoy!

I highly recommend you get his books. His latest can be found at jasonellisbook.com. It is probably better for him if you get it directly there, however, you can also find both books I mentioned on Amazon. An audible book is coming soon.

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