Genie Babies - Episodes 5 & 6


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Welcome to another episode of Genie Babies, a magic carpet ride of a podcast from the boys here at Overdue! On this show-within-a-show, we're reading Husain Haddawy's translation of Muhsin Mahdi's manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights (also known by its westernized title, The Arabian Nights).

Some Patreon supporters get these episodes monthly, but every two months we'll combine them for general consumption. In the first half, you'll hear us discuss what misfortunates befall a beloved hunchback and the stories his assailants use to save themselves. In the second, we meet a garrulous barber and his many unfortunate brothers.

Stories covered in Nights 102-170 include: The Story of the Hunchback Parts 1 & 2, which include tales from several subjects of the King of China and a barber who won't shut up.

Programming note: this is our penultimate episode of Genie Babies. Our next and final installment will be a mix of closing thoughts and stories we didn't have time to cover.

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