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Irene is a member of Judith’s I Love My Life group and every day she shares her gratitudes and a meme from Abraham Hicks...

In The Show

Nicola’s been enjoying her new bedroom, Cardinal, home-made scones and banana bread too. Judith’s been out to dinner, moved house and nearly got a haircut. #Vibration #BigPhilHarrison #5DayChallenge #ViralVideo #Cardinal #Schengen #SalisburyPoisonings #KimJones #HardWork #Wellbeing

What's Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith tells a story of how an artist client sold a picture in a car park while en route to deliver another to a buyer. And Nicola shares some of the things she’s learned on Big Phil Harrison’s 5 Day Challenge about 5 Day Challenges.

Focus Of The Week - Creating Through Vibration

Irene is a member of Judith’s I Love My Life group and every day she shares her gratitudes and a meme from Abraham Hicks, one of which inspired today’s focus. It says: “Hard work is not the path to Well-Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.”

Words Of The Week

Judith chooses Hay Fever and Nicola picks Lighter.

Project Updates

Nicola reports Own It’s download numbers have tipped over the 150,000 mark, and Judith explains why no PU progress has been made this week due to two house moves.

Who Or What's Impressed

Nicola likes Kim Jones’ viral video called How Can We Win? And Judith has enjoyed BBC’s drama about The Salisbury Poisonings.

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