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Nicola tackles Brenda’s challenge about engaging teenagers and young people to develop and business and digital skills...

In The Show

Nicola and Judith have received a rave review from a listener in the Caribbean and Brenda supplies today’s Focus too, about entrepreneurial skills for young people.

Phoebe is tackling the last design project chez Cairncross – Irving’s bookshelves – and Judith’s taken up her coloured pencils again for some holiday adult colouring. #entrepreneurs #businessskills #youngpeople #TwinsthenewTrend #JamieFoxx #SamHarris #truth #investments #TheWeek

What's Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith loves Brenda’s feedback about the podcast, and Nicola is excited to be helping another client’s podcast be born.

Focus Of The Week - Young Entrepreneurs

Nicola tackles Brenda’s challenge about engaging teenagers and young people to develop and business and digital skills, recommending profiling, a few excellent resources in people and books, getting the teams to think about selling either their own products and services or somebody else’s and documenting their journey with video so that they can create a course teaching other schools how to do the same thing in future.

Words Of The Week

Judith chooses Truth and Nicola picks Investments.

Project Updates

Judith’s Wednesday got away with her and so we didn’t have any progress to report this week, whereas Nicola has recorded the first of a new series of podcasts with Poker Pete which they are calling “Poke It! How Businesses Work”.

Who Or What's Impressed

Nicola has enjoyed a Netflix film called Project Power starring Jamie Foxx, and Sam Harris’ podcast called Making Sense. Judith is impressed that TwinsthenewTrend have gone global and their success has been reported in lots of big newspapers even in the business column as they monetise their output with merchandise and Patreon.

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