Christy Turlington, Supermodel and Activist, on Constant Expansion and Being of Use


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“You can’t do anything in a vacuum and make the world a better place.”

  • What inspired Christy to work with pregnant mothers as her mission (2:01)
  • Why so many pregnant women die in childbirth even today in the US (7:28)
  • What inspires Christy to keep re-creating herself in every new chapter (12:12)
  • How to learn to be your authentic self (15:25)
  • Where Christy learned to be grounded (17:29)
  • Christy’s spiritual practices that feed her soul (19:29)
  • The keys to Christy’s successful marriage (28:45)
  • How Christy is raising her daughter during the age of social media (32:33)
  • Tools for balancing being a mother and a professional (36:18)
  • How Christy thinks about aging (41:00)
  • What keeps Christy energized as she ages instead of slowing down (45:45)
  • How Christy would describe each chapter of her life (49:02)
  • What owning your throne means to Christy (50:12)

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