Jennifer Flavin Stallone, Supermodel Businesswoman Turned Mom Extraordinarie, On Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin


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“Don’t worry about lines and wrinkles; those were earned. We’re lucky to have them.”

  • How Jennifer started her business during a transition in her modeling career (1:50)
  • Jennifer’s advice for staying married for over 20 years (4:00)
  • Where a sparkle later in life comes from (5:21)
  • Her husband’s advice on how to handle struggles (10:55)
  • How to change the pattern in your family for the better (12:35)
  • Why Jennifer felt relieved after turning 50 (14:43)
  • How Jennifer has taught her daughters to be kind and empathetic (17:53)
  • What Jennifer has learned from the women she has sold beauty products to (19:52)
  • How Jennifer’s modeling career affected her self-image (23:35)
  • What Jennifer is excited about creating in this chapter of her life (27:13)
  • The value of staying connected to your female friends (34:20)
  • Jennifer’s super power (37:10)
  • What Jennifer loves about being a mom to daughters (39:45)
  • How Jennifer managed expectations being married to a movie star (49:32)
  • What it means to Jennifer to own her throne (54:50)

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