Lynne Sheridan, Relationship Expert, on the Best Ways to Connect with Your Partner During Quarantine


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“Instead of the COVID-19 crisis, I would love to re-contextualize it to the COVID-19 renewal.”

  • How Lynne opened herself up to dating while being a transformational coach (3:01)
  • How to remove the forcefield between yourself and relationships (6:31)
  • How to trust yourself that who you are picking is the right person for you (7:49)
  • Tips for couples who have been living separate lives and are now in quarantine under the same roof (13:06)
  • The IPAVER template for healthy relationship communication (20:05)
  • The three things to practice while listening to your partner (27:50)
  • How to take responsibility for your emotions during this time instead of falling victim (32:01)
  • How to let your partner experience what they are feeling without being pulled into it or judging it (33:55)
  • What Lynne teaches in her immersive relationship retreats (42:40)
  • How men and women deal with crisis differently (48:14)
  • What grace actually means (57:12)

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