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Many digital marketing agencies are “stuck” in specific channels they provide for clients, says Darwin Liu, founder of X Agency. On top of that, they only look at results from that channel.
Darwin and his team take a different approach. They measure success by looking at revenue. And they’re what he calls “channel agnostic,” which means they use whatever marketing channels are right for the business. Plus, they strive to get results for as little cost as possible. In one case, they were able to boost a client’s revenue from $47 million to $90 million in a year, yet only increased marketing spending by 20%. We take a close look at how they were able to do it and also discuss…
  • The 20-point checklist for a highly converting website
  • Why the best marketing in the world won’t bring more revenue if you don’t have this
  • How to take an industry-specific approach to your marketing campaigns
  • What’s on the horizon in digital marketing for the rest of 2020 and beyond
  • And more

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