PAC Men Podcast: Episode 6: We're Back, We Were Never Gone


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We're Back, and so is Phil, We talk recording problems, Chris's Week, Ambrose's Time off from work, and weekend away, Paul's Shitty Week Begins with Car Paint, and Rude Old Lady's, And Phil week, we get some Feedback and discuss Andy Murry, Scotland's drinking laws, Wimbledon, Womble's, Button Moon, Moomins, Clangers, Power Rangers, Super Sentai Series and why Chris Hates It, we then try and segway to Total Recall before Back To Power Ranger and Amy Jo Johnson, we discuss, 21 jumps street, ted, the other guys, cop out, and what Paul really thinks of Bruce Willis, G.I Joe 2, and we final make it to Total Recall and Colin Farrell films in bruges minority report and dare devil red sonja jingle all the way spider-man avenger ghost rider and the many faces of nic cage

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