Long May You Young 41: Neil-lights Fade (w/ Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom)


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It's another Monster of the Week episode on Long May You Young and this week we got to zoom it up with Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom! We talk about Neil, obviously. But we also talk about getting music into TV shows, how Buffalo Tom got started, naming a band, and what song Bill would love to hear Neil cover. He's also got a slightly different (dare I say, controversial?) take on Keep On Rockin' In The Free World. A truly great guest, songwriter, artist, author and a Neil fan to boot; we were psyched to have Bill join us.

Check out all the things Bill's up to here: http://billjanovitz.com/blog/?page_id=247/

And check out what we're up to here: https://www.longmayyouyoungpodcast.com/

And check out what Pantheon is up to here: http://pantheonpodcasts.com/ (So many great podcasts, including the recently added, The Mistress Carrie podcast. Definitely check out their catalog.)

See you next week, Youngsters!

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