Performance Anxiety: Tobias Nathaniel (The Red Step, The Black Heart Procession)


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We’re joined by a musician who thrives when he’s uncomfortable. Tobias Nathaniel’s greatest enemy is muscle memory. That’s why he switched from guitar to organ. He formed The Black Heart Procession and kept his penchant for being uncomfortable by playing instruments like sheetmetal and being the wedding band for Melvins drummer Dale Crover’s nuptials. He also explains how he inadvertently wrote Rick & Morty’s Evil Morty Theme.

Toby moved to Serbia to show solidarity with vampires & possibly join a vampire class action law suit. He also tells us how Madonna broke his heart. He’s started a new band called The Red Step that sounds like garage rock meets post punk. It’s raw and gloomy in the best ways. He also discusses his performance anxiety and how he became a front man for his band. Follow The Red Step on social media & pick up their debut on Pravda records. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, & review; especially if you’re in Serbia. Buy us a non-committal cup of coffee at Merch, featuring our logo designed by Mark Dancey, creator of Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger logo, is available at Now let’s march right into Tobias Nathaniel & The Red Step on Performance Anxiety on the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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