Beatles vs. Stones: 1971 - Imagine all the Sticky Fingers, featuring Mark Richardson


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Justin Cox and Ryan Page look at 1971, when the Rolling Stones drop Sticky Fingers and John and Paul put out a few solo albums. Justin reps The Stones and Ryan reps The Beatles this week.

Beatles: Imagine (John Lennon), RAM (Paul McCartney), Wild Life (Wings)

Stones: Sticky Fingers

At the 30:30 mark, Mark Richardson, former Editor in Chief of Pitchfork and current pop/rock critic at the Wall Street Journal, joins us to talk about both bands, with an emphasis on Sticky Fingers, which he gave a perfect 10 in a 2015 Pitchfork review. Follow Mark on Twitter at @markrichardson. Justin and Ryan pick back up around 41:30. Subscribe to the show and share it with your pals. Beatles vs. Stones, Year x Year is part of the Pantheon Podcast Network. Thanks to AKG for the clean and cool microphone.

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