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Welcome to the travelling paper-cut exhibition ‘Paper Dialogues’ at the St Helier Town Hall, featuring the work of Professor Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Karen Bit Vejle from Scandinavia, which was created through a collaborative and exploratory process. This exhibition features each artist’s representation of a dragon, which is a common feature in the mythology and culture of both jurisdictions. Making its UK premier here in Jersey, these intricate and beautiful cuttings are encased in glass and are being shown in a specially built exhibition space in the Town Hall. We’re confident you will agree that the sheer size and power of these pieces is staggering! This podcast includes a detailed introduction, read by Mike Sheldrake, to each of the works of Bit and Professor Qiao. As you move about the space you can listen to tracks about each of the artworks displayed. To find the corresponding track please look to the number next to each of the artworks. Steven Edwards has provided an intricate lighting design through the work that enables them to cast shadows on the walls and floor. Local, London-based composer Jack Chown has provided a unique and original score to provide an accompanying sonic experience, which is also available as a track at the end of this playlist. For more information about the 'Paper Dialogues' exhibition and 'Paper Talks' Project please visit the Jersey Arts Trust website and our social media pages; Facebook and Twitter. We hope that you take your time to explore and enjoy this beautiful Exhibition of Paper Cut Art. There are lots of activities and workshops to get involved with as part of the project so do pick up or ask for further information if this might be of interest to you.

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