Paper View - Episode 62 - The Zion Mainframe


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Israel, through the political, corporate, military/intelligence level of Zionism, what I call elite Zionism, controls global society. In this episode... I feature a story about convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein introducing a 14 year old girl to Donald Trump in the 1990's. I talk about why this is no surprise and then expand the focus to another connection between Epstein and Trump - Zionism. I talk about Trump's history and how he became the most Israel/Zionist controlled President in American history. I look at the Trump administration, the Clinton election campaign and the Obama administration, pointing out the elite Zionist presence. I also look at Trump's actions since he took office and what this means for the world in general now and in the near future. Continuing the theme of American control from Israel, I talk a US report finding that Israel helped America attack Iran. I weigh in on the Australian bushfires. It's very possible they will be used to advance the agenda of elite Zionism, and I explain how and why. Finally, another political correctness story to finish. Pub banter and jokes with colleagues can now be classed as sexual harassment, even though it's outside of work. I talk about the wider context of this story. Any comments/questions? Feel free to tweet me @iamdanielford E-mail: Facebook: @paperviewcast

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