Paradise Projects 139


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Paradise-Projects tours you around the planet of good music! Join us on our voyage of sound and emotions! Come and feel the Paradise...
Paradise Projects 139
01. DJ YELLOW - No One Gets Left Behind (Flowers and Sea Creatures' Mental Beauty Remix)
02. MATTHIAS VOGT - Wallflower feat. Mercurialis
03. ADA - Faith (Chambord Revision Remix)
04. GELKA - Soon (Erdi Irmak Revisit)
05. 0708 - Worlds Apart
06. FALDEN - Moments
07. HOT SINCE 82 feat. Ed Graves - Sinnerman
08. BILLIE EILISH - everything i wanted (Marat Mode & Didaek Remix)
09. MAKEBO - History, Mystery and Present
10. NICOLAS SORIA - Bikh.mp3
11. LONDON GRAMMAR - Hey Now (Dutchican Soul Deep Journey)
Thanks to all the labels and artist for their music.
All tracks selected and mixed by Alex Kentucky

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