Mike Florio, Week 6 Preview And Nick Saban Has The CoCo


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- [ ] Nick Saban has the CoCo and we're powering through the football season. (3:20-13:52) Week 6 NFL Preview and games we like. Adam Gase offered up the wheel of the Titanic, the Browns trying to win in Pittsburgh for the first time in 17 years and the Niners bounce back? (16:00-42:48) Fantasy Fuccbois.(44:30-48:40) Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Week 6, surprise performances of the NFL season, how the league is dealing with Coronavirus, and we play a great trick on him to get him to talk about his fantasy team. (52:50-1:33:03)Fyre Fest of the week and Big Cat has a stalker. (1:34:38-1:42:14)

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