What We’re Watching: World of Dance Qualifiers 4 and Veronica Mars “Driver Ed”


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On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2, the World of Dance judges seemed a little grumpier in week 4 of the qualifiers, but we are still here for this mostly cheery show. Next week: the duels. Mentioned: Posts from Kristyn Burtt on WOD (and its pre-pandemic production schedule), Dancing With the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.
In Neptune, we cheered for Wallace as he solved his very own case on "Driver Ed." But we're definitely not cheering for all the love affairs or for the idea of Keith running for Sheriff again. Don't do it, Keith! Thanks to the Veronica Mars Investigations podcast for pointing out some important details that we would have missed. Next: "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" (speaking of affairs). Visit parentingroundabout.com for links.

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