A Wild 100th Episode Bonanza!


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We’re celebrating 100 episodes of Parks n Wrecked with perhaps our most foolish idea yet — inviting friends on the podcast to answer trivia questions about us. Really, it’s just a humblebrag to prove we have friends.

You’ll learn things like Haleigh’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor, the name and breed of Joey’s first pet, and Sean’s most popular bit on Instagram. Though if you’re following him, you already know. There’s also a ton of talk about mayonnaise. We’re really living it up over here!

This one took a LOT of effort to coordinate and edit (and Zoom was not the most cooperative), so we’d really appreciate if you listened. :) And have some cake! After all, we’re celebrating.

It’s been a wonderful 100 episodes so far, but we ain’t done yet. We’ll be back with Leslie, Ron, and the new (and improved?) Pawnee/Eagleton crew, or, as Leslie would never say, Pawneeagleton. Cheers!

Cape Line Sparkling Blackberry Mojito Cocktail
Teremana Blanco Small Batch Tequila
Flor de Cana Anejo Oro Imported Rum
Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin

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