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Thalia Toha is a Business advisor that has worked with media and brands like The Huffington Post and Buffalo Wild Wings. In this episode we talk about how to answer an interview question when you don't know the answer, why you should be asking yourself more "How Come" questions than "How To", and why some businesses are thriving while other are fading away.

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(05:53) Story of the man who left his keys and cell phone in a locked car (08:19) ask how come questions rathar than how to questions (10:05) Apple's failure to rebrand JCPenny (11:49) Make sure to do the pre and post work for an interview (13:05) How to answer an interview question when you don't know the answer (18:24) ask yourself why should people consume your content (20:49) Story of why I turned down a video editing job for Apple (29:15) How much explination do you need as an editor when sending revisions to a client (34:33) biggest piece of advice to content creators (34:53) the cleaner and simpler the better (35:15) put the best imagery up front (38:22) Example of why putting the best material first works

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