Build a Big Remote Real Estate Portfolio as a W2 with Powell Chee


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Busy professionals often wonder if it's possible to build a big real estate portfolio while working. The answer is "YES! But..." And today you can learn what it takes. Powell Chee, our guest on this episode, has built a big multifamily real estate portfolio by syndicating properties while working as a busy professional.

Syndication allows passive investors to invest their capital alongside active investment providers, or syndicators. Powell is one of those syndicators, who brings passive investors into his deals. Syndication is a great opportunity for both parties, because investors can get a preferential position in the cash flow distributions, can directly own an asset, and can partner with active investors they know, like, and trust!

Tune in to learn how a busy professional can become an active real estate syndicator!

Lessons you'll learn today:

  • How to get started
  • How to scale, quickly
  • What assets to buy
  • How to buy those assets

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Powell Chee's Bio:

From 2015-2018, he purchased over 100+ units in Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Memphis. In 2019, he formed a company with his business partner and they worked on their first property together a 208 unit multifamily property in Dallas, TX. In that same year they worked with other syndication groups on a 100 unit apartment in Jacksonville, FL, a 212 unit apartment in Atlanta, GA, a 236 unit apartment in Phoenix, AZ, and a 208 unit apartment in San Antonio. He is a General Partner on all of them doing duties such as sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, raising capital, and asset management. All together in 2019, he partnered on 900+ units spread throughout 5 apartment communities.

He leads MultiFamilyMasters which may be the fastest growing multifamily meetup in the world. In just two years they have grown from one single location in Los Angeles, to currently almost 60+ locations including Hong Kong and Dhubai. He holds two masters degrees and as an awarding winning sales executive he achieved the top honor of President’s Circle Award winner for a fortune 500 company.

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