C-Suite Exec to Entrepreneur with Agostino Pintus


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Do you want to escape the corporate world and make your own way as an entrepreneur? Don't know where to get started? Listen today to learn how to do exactly that. Agostino Pintus was a C-Suite Executive in the technology space, hit some tough times, and eventually found the other side in entrepreneurship.

He shares the lessons and strategies that made him successful. If you want to accelerate your success in entrepreneurship, listen to successful entrepreneurs!

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Agostino Pintus's Bio:

Agostino was a former INC 500 Technology Chief and had great success...until he failed in spectacular fashion that kicked off my "10 Dark Years". He was rudderless, with no direction and financially broken. It wasn't until a friend introduced him to the power of buying large real estate deals that changed the entire course of Agostino's life. He ended up building a real estate portfolio, becoming the General Partner on over $42M of deals in 28 months and there is no slowing down! Today, Agostino helps people get into real estate deals of their own and build their own wealth.

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