Good Success: Your Road To Financial Freedom with Tom Olson


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Tom Olson is the owner of the Olson Group Network and the founder and president of Good Success. Good Success works around their four core values: charity, stewardship, community, and growth. Tom is also a real estate investor and dreams of making the world a better place for everyone.

Let’s dive into Tom’s story of how you can succeed in real estate and get the financial freedom that you desire.

[00:01 – 04:09] Opening Segment

  • I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode
  • Let’s welcome our guest, Tom Olson
  • Tom talks about his portfolio and the businesses he runs
    • Runs his businesses as a visionary

[04:10 – 15:08] Is Wholesale a Passive Wealth Strategy?

  • Tom explains why wholesaling is not a passive wealth strategy
    • Wholesale is as active as a contractor
  • Tom shares his two biggest dreams that he wants to make into reality
    • Flip the City of Gary, Indiana
    • Give away a billion dollars
  • Tom weighs in on how you should invest in real estate based on your personality and skills
  • Tom’s perspective on real estate education
    • “I learned the most when I was working for somebody else.”
  • Here are some tips from Tom on how you can expand your network and be able to add value
  • Build Your Network to Success
    • It is all about your network. Tom shares some networking strategies that you don’t want to miss!

[15:09 – 28:54] Good Success

  • Tom talks about his definition of “Good Success.”
  • If you help people get what they want, eventually you’ll get what you want
    • We talk about Tom’s book; The 30-Day Good Success JourneyWhat is your purpose? Why do you live? Why do you think God placed you on this earth?
    • Questions you should be asking yourself
  • Everyone should have a financial freedom date and goal
  • Why do you say reaching financial freedom is easy?

[28:55 – 35:02] Dreaming of A Better Place for Everyone

  • Tom digs deeper into the biggest dreams he mentioned
  • Tom talks about the story behind his goal of “flipping the city of Gary, Indiana”
    • Making the city a place people wanted to move to, not move from
  • Tom shares the story behind his “giving away a billion dollars” goal
  • A quick word from our sponsors

[35:03 – 44:55] Closing Segment

  • What is the best investment you’ve ever made other than your education?
    • “Sometimes the best deals you ever do are the deals you don’t do.”
  • What is the worst investment you ever made?
    • Flipped a house, lost 70 thousand dollars, and some relationships ruined.
  • What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned in business and investing?
    • “I think that your business needs to be done on a purpose, for a purpose.”
  • Final words from Tom and me

Tweetable Quotes:

“The education that you get from making somebody else money and the fact that you learn how to be a good steward of somebody else’s business or somebody else’s process or customers; That’s the real value.” – Tom Olson

“There’s many different ways to make money. Just figure out how you can make the most yourself, but also before you do that, figure out what and who is your customer? Who you wanna serve? And why do you think that you were placed on this earth?” – Tom Olson

“My definition of ‘good success’ is the right person doing the right thing for the right reason with the right people for the right amount of time.” – Tom Olson

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Tom on LinkedIn or visit their website and Follow Good Success on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Listen to their podcast, Good Success Podcast.

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