Oilfield to Financial Independence thru Real Estate with Travis Watts


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Want to be financially independent, but think you can't do it? Think again! Travis Watts went from working in the oilfield in Saudi Arabia to becoming financially independent by investing in real estate. Here's how he did it, lessons you can learn and repeat, and mistakes not to make along the way.

What you'll learn by listening:

  • How to start building financial independence with real estate
  • Mistakes not to make
  • How to remotely invest in real estate

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Travis Watts's Bio:

Travis Watts is a full-time passive investor. He has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals. Travis is also the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital. Travis has invested in over 27 passive syndications between 14 different firms. Travis now dedicates his time to educating others in the world of investing and has made it his mission to share passive investment strategies in order to help others achieve and maintain wealth in real estate.

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