Should College Debt Stop You from Side Hustling? With Robert Farrington


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Should you pay off college debt before starting a side hustle? How should you think about your college debt, including in terms of how much you have, the interest rate, who it's being paid to, and all of that? Robert Farrington of The College Investor joins us to teach us how to think about paying off college, organizing our debts, and how to be a successful side hustler - remember, Robert is a side hustle success story.

He turned his passion into profits and became a full time blogger. We get into that as well - how to take your side hustle and turn it into your full time gig. It's a big deal.

Not everyone wants their side hustle to replace their full time employment, but if you want to go from being deep in college debt to financially independent through your side hustle, Robert Farrington from The College Investor is the guy to listen to.

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