Turnkey Cashflow Mastery & Avoiding Pitfalls with Stuart Grazier


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Turnkey real estate is a great opportunity for busy professionals, but it is not a risk-free strategy! There are many pitfalls to avoid, and today Stuart Grazier from Storehouse 3:10 Ventures joins us to teach us some of those pitfalls and how we can build passive cash flow.

Stuart also runs an online real estate investing summit, Veterans REI Live, Coming up on May 29 & 30 of 2020. Get registered at www.veteranslive.com and join the call!

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Stuart Grazier's Bio:

Stuart Grazier is an active duty Navy pilot who has served 18 years in the military. During a 14-month deployment to Iraq in 2008/2009, Stuart had the opportunity to do a deep-dive study into real estate investing and learned about the power of passive income. Through endless learning, lots of determination, and continuous action, he and his family have become financially free over the last 11 years.

From house-hacking (before the term was coined), to monthly budget meetings and frugal living, to investing in real estate mortgage notes, private lending, commercial property syndications, and buying cash flowing rental properties, they are on the path to an early retirement and financial independence. Stuart and his family now own a portfolio of approximately $600,000 in performing mortgage notes, 4 single family rental properties, an RV park, is a part owner in an apartment complex and mobile home park syndication, and has recently started a turnkey real estate company with his best friend and college roommate where they are providing rehabbed, cash flowing rental properties to their network of military/veteran and patriot investors.

Starting in June of 2018, his company Storehouse 3:10 Ventures has acquired and sold approximately 45 turnkey rental properties, averaging 2-3 properties per month. Stuart is also the President of the Military Investor Network, which aims to network, educate, and connect other military/veteran service members that are interested in real estate investing. Stuart has a beautiful wife, Kristel, and two amazing children, Kollins (5 year old girl) and Wells (2 year old boy), and are currently living in Denver, CO where Stuart is stationed at Buckley Air Force Base as the Executive Officer of the Navy Operational Support Center.

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