Two Meanings of Self Management with Jason Pero


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Self-management in real estate has more than one meaning. Jason Pero knows both of these meanings well, but do you?

Jason Pero from Pero Real Estate returns to the show to bring us these key lessons that propelled him along his real estate career. The more time I spend in the real estate investing world, and the more successful investors I meet, the more and more I find successful real estate investors put their mindset first. They believe that what's between your ears comes before what's between the folds of your wallet.

To become a successful real estate investor, you must learn not just how to manage your investments, but how to manage yourself! That's where these lessons come in. Check out the audio to learn more!

You'll learn:

  • The Two Meanings of Self Management in Real Estate
  • Successful strategies to use in managing yourself and your investments
  • A successful strategy to escape the rat race and build a big portfolio
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