301 The Wanderers on Earth with Susan Plunket Ph.D.


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The wanderers from the fifth dimension are now incarnate on Earth in the third dimension as 21-year-old humans living around the world - in Moscow, New York, London, Tehran, Mumbai, Dublin, Tokyo, and Jerusalem. Growing up they have each had many strange encounters with the dark side, and now suspect they are not from this time and place. When they wake up, they reunite with their twin flames and remember who they are and why they incarnated. Once awake, they work through a virtual reality game called Fifth Dimension, traveling to hot spots around the world and battle the dark lords to prevent disaster.

Susan Plunket is a writer and a psychologist in private practice in New York City. She received her doctorate at The New School for Social Research in 1989. Her first book, When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer, reflects her interests in Jungian dream analysis and people who have had an experience of the numinous as a result of emotional pain. Her new book, Mission From Venus, pushes further into the fantasy worlds of the fifth and sixth dimensions. She lives with her family in Greenwich Village, unfortunately, still in the third dimension. https://www.susanplunket.com/


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