Is Tom Brady Truly Set on Hitting Free Agency? Or Will He Cave? | Did Patrick Mahomes Cement Himself as the NFL's Best Current Quarterback? [Roundtable]


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Nick Quaglia, Marv Ezhan and Mike Molyneaux start off the Patriots offseason with some big ol' Tom Brady discussions.

We've heard time and time again that Brady is hitting the free-agent market and he's going to let teams give it their best shot. But he's caved before and signed with the Patriots. Is the same thing going to happen and is he just doing what he can to get leverage?

And to stray away a little bit from the Pats, let's take a look at one of the Super Bowl quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes has been on a mission and the guy looks unstoppable. Is it time to officially dub Mahomes the best quarterback in the NFL?

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