Episode 312: Why I Got Banned From Medium, And How It Helps You


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A couple years ago I did a Data Driven Daily Tip on how much SEO juice I was getting by creating original content, normally in the form of a video for YouTube, then taking the audio, using it as a podcast episode, and transcribing it into a written blog, always posting it on my website, https://datadriven.design, as well as LinkedIn and Medium.com. Well, I recently found out I've been banned from Medium, likely for duplicate content. This, after posting more than 500 articles in this way, and benefitting from some SEO juice in the process. I definitely don't regret getting banned from Medium. Here's why: I'm the thought leader and the content creator. I own the content. I have more than 500 pieces of original content each posted in more than 5 places, including Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, my own website and of course, up until now, Medium. As you'll hear in this audio, posting this duplicate content on Medium over the last three years, still benefits me, even while banned.

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