Religiosity as the IDW's Final Frontier


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Religiosity has become the no-man's land between social and political adversaries. Robert Putnam demonstrates this in his book American Grace. The major cultural change in the United States is the segregation of the obviously religious from an imagined naked public space. Now while Sam Harris continues his crusade to banish religiosity Eric and Bret Weinstein among a host of others see the need to replace what religions provided for the masses. The condition, of course, is an imagined rationality that excludes what is commonly asserted as the supernatural. Much of what is being proposed to fill the place are pre-Christian religious or philosophical traditions with an unconscious Christian/humanist moral overlay. What happens to that overlay as the religious substrata continues to erode? Ryan Holiday with Eric Weinstein on The Portal Eric and Bret Weinstein and the End of History The Un-necessary Pastor of the IDW Jordan Peterson Prayer from a Skeptic POV Why relate to a personal God with John Vervaeke Infinitesimals American culture as cargo cult A Secular Age Ryan Holiday Conspiracy Twilight of the American Enlightenment George Marsden America Grace Robert Putnam Hail Caesar Trailer Logos made Flesh convo Jordan Peterson at Lafayette College Ryan Holiday 7 Keys to Stoicism CS Lewis Miracles Greg Sadler Pascal Spirit of Geometry Spirit of Finesse James Tour Unbelievable Lee Cronin Jordan Peterson Sam Harris Bret Weinstein Vancouver 1 Verizon Lisa Eric Weinstein Ross Douthat Portal 30 Tom Holland Delingpod Tom Holland Dominion

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